total rehab physical therapy

This was a site re-design I completed for Total Rehab Physical Therapy in Omaha, NE. The site needed to include a hefty amount of medical information while still being simple and easy to navigate. The blue tones give a calming effect while some minor animation and use of photography keeps the site from being too bland. This website was built in WordPress using the Elementor plugin. View their site here.

cup o' coffee

Cup O’ Coffee is a concept for an “all things coffee” app. The idea was to create an app that served as a way to find your favorite coffee shops based off location, offer mobile order, serve as a learning base, and include a coffee product and merchandise shop.

busy bee

Busy Bees is a concept for a website, app and service that provides a thoughtful approach to career planning, job hunting and professional connection. The website takes your financial needs into account as well as prior education and any education you may be wanting or needing to achieve your goals. Based on the options the user selects, either job listings, schools or both will be loaded. The goal is to promote all types of education such as trade schools, affordable programs and military options. The career page creates a personalized map for your future that will keep track of users goals and has the ability to change at any time. The connect page is where users connect with employers as well as coworkers or people in your desired industry. Your profile is where users upload and edit their resume and personal information.


This is my concept for how an RTD redesign should look. I created a new logo, map, advertisement, icons as well as mobile app. I wanted to keep the basic colors while modernizing the brand identity.