Layout & Collateral


Create Zine

This zine was created to showcase artists on Instagram. It is a great way to create more exposure for these artists in a physical form. Each page features their own favorite pieces, a profile picture of the artist and a paragraph about them and their art. The art scene on instagram over the past few years has grown larger than anyone was expecting and to grow. This was a great way for me to connect with these artists and learn more about them and their work.

V 8 Packaging

For this V8 rebranding project I decided to switch their current plastic packaging for a cardboard carton. Cardboard degrades faster than plastic, making the packaging a bit more eco-friendly. A carton also gave me more space to work with bright illustrations and text, while hiding the unappetizing red-brown color of V8 juice.

Help Booklet

This is a swatch book I created full of useful information for graphic designers. It contains information on any questions designers may have regarding prepress, typography, keyboard shortcuts, as well as some handy tips on photoshop. It is a helpful learning tool and guidebook.

Museum Spread

This two page spread is part of a group project for a Colorado based magazine. I was assigned the local art section and decided to do a feature for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver. 


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