Brand Identity


The Purpose Bag

The Purpose Bag is a brand identity I created for a client in July, 2020. During the midst of a pandemic, the creator of The Purpose Bag had the goal of providing customers with modern, sustainably sourced bags that have a purpose. These bags have multiple sanitary features including their ability to be washed and an extra pocket to keep your mask clean and safe from other objects inside the bag. We wanted the logo to look modern, clean and calming while easily displaying the brand statement.


Tusk is a vegetarian and health based restaurant concept. I started this project after being inspired by similar restaurants around the Denver area. The branding is very illustrative and based around a modern casual dining experience as well as plant based decor and open space interior design.


Ourights is an idea for a delivery service that provides health care and products. Focused on sexual health, they provide a variety of affordable services including birth control, menstrual products, medication and pain relief as well as STD screening. All of these products would be shipped directly and would come in a cute bag with other fun and free gifts such as condoms, chocolates, chapstick and other useful products. Ourights focuses on creating a shame free experience, and gives back by donating a percentage of the profits. Ourights would also have an app and website where you can order, buy merchandise, track your cycle as well as talk to online nurses and doctors.

Prioritizing Peace

Prioritizing Peace is a company focused on providing self-care services to people who worry they are too busy in their everyday lives. The brand takes a different approach as others by being unapologetic. The client wanted bright colors and a bold font that represents being your authentic self and taking your power back.


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